"MO Mockup" is preferred for direct integration shop to give you the franchise model you want

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"MO Mockup" is preferred for direct integration stores, giving you the franchise store model you want
cooperation method: Agency, Franchise, Joint Venture
Franchise fee: Contact by phone
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Exchange ratio: Phone details Validity period: long term effective
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Moxian (Dongguan) Industrial Co., Ltd. is a modern apparel company integrating R & D, design, production and sales of children's clothing. The company is deeply immersed in the branded children's wear market, not only has the ability to produce and sell independently, has accumulated rich market experience in the sales and operation of terminal stores, it covers a new retail model combining online and offline multi-channel, and is well-known in the industry. At the same time, it is also the children's clothing brand with the highest product throughput in the Pearl River Delta region and the widest sales range. Its main brand "Momo Sample" is not limited to the domestic children's clothing brand market, and there are direct brand stores in Southeast Asia and other regions.

As one of the domestic apparel companies, Mosample has taken advantage of the irreplaceable manufacturing advantages of the Pearl River Delta region, extending from the design, processing and OEM of the apparel industry to the promotion and chain development of its own brands. The products are sold to more than 100 cities across the country. Fully realize the group's diversified and mixed-scale development!

Mo Miao takes Dongguan, a key national clothing city, as its operation headquarters and national logistics and distribution center. With its unique geographical advantage and clothing industry advantage, it radiates the country with Dongguan as the center, and has many international clothing design agencies and fashion art design masters. Orientation cooperation.

The new retail era is changing more than just store operations. The integration of resources is even more important!

Factory direct supply without intermediaries to make a difference!

High-quality production equipment and perfect production management system are the hard strength of Momo. Because of the natural advantages of independent research and development, design and production, Mo demo can achieve a true "factory direct supply", which is also a "killer" different from the mass market!

The changes brought by factories directly supplying brand stores are reflected in many aspects. For example, the unit price of the product is lower and the cost performance is higher, which makes it easier for the market to accept, thereby speeding up the supply and marketing of goods!

传统品牌的新品上市一般以季度为限,每一个季度周期约为两个月左右,采取现场订货会的模式进行新品的上新;陌小样打破传统品牌的上新局限,以线上订货为主,在商品订制和供应链环节,始终走在潮流前线,让门店保持新鲜与活力。 Quick! The launch of new products on new traditional brands is generally limited to quarters, with a quarterly cycle of about two months. On-site order fairs are used to launch new products; Mo demo breaks the traditional brand's limitations on new products. Online ordering is the main, and in the ordering of goods and supply chain, we always stay on the front line of the trend, so that the stores remain fresh and vibrant.

“陌小样”深耕于童装行业,拥有国际水平的大型童装生产流水线,完善的供应链管理系统,所有产品均自主研发、设计与生产,拒绝代加工,配以严格的检测程序,确保产品能够以完美的状态出厂,快速物流运转直供旗下专卖店。 On-time delivery "Momo Sample" is deeply rooted in the children's clothing industry. It has an international-level large-scale children's clothing production line and a comprehensive supply chain management system. All products are independently developed, designed and produced, and refused to process on behalf of them. They are equipped with strict testing procedures. To ensure that the product can leave the factory in a perfect state, and the rapid logistics operation is directly supplied to its specialty stores.

与传统代加工为主的品牌不同,因为生产环节的优势,陌小样能够对所有产品的生产与动销进行大数据管理,提高生产与销售的效率,从工厂直接到门店的***短链供应,管控每个细节,不乱花一分钱,不接受任何中间商,做到真正意义上的直供,大限度让利给消费者,提高产品性价比。 Rigorous! Pay close attention to the difference between the price and the traditional generation of processing-oriented brands. Due to the advantages of the production process, Momo can perform big data management on the production and sales of all products, improve the efficiency of production and sales, directly from the factory to the store * ** Short-chain supply, control every detail, do not spend a penny, do not accept any middlemen, to achieve direct supply in the true sense, to the maximum extent to the benefit of consumers, improve product price.

陌小样全系列产品直供形象店,以“人货场”的深度结合为运营理念,打造配套设施齐全、产品结构多元、款式风格多样的品牌形象店。 Brand Direct Supply Flagship Store: Mo Miao's full range of products are directly supplied to the image store. With the in-depth combination of "people and cargo yards" as the operating philosophy, it creates brand image stores with complete supporting facilities, diversified product structures, and diverse styles. Not only shopping, but also a one-stop shop for children's consumption and entertainment, which integrates parent-child interaction and educational fun.

全力扶持小资本商家,让更多对童装行业倍感兴趣的投资者加入这个火爆的行业,是陌小样的初衷。 Brand direct supply franchise stores: It is Mo Mo's original intention to fully support small capital merchants and allow more investors interested in the children's clothing industry to join this popular industry. Use more professional direct store experience to match and display products, so that every square meter of the store will have its due benefits.

互联网+时代的来临,意味着更多的机遇与更广阔的销售渠道。 Brand O2O Stores Directly: The advent of the Internet + era means more opportunities and broader sales channels. The exclusive new retail and marketing integrated mall system that Momo has invested heavily in builds and hooks with offline physical stores to deeply explore potential customers, so that more consumers can more conveniently purchase children's clothing products from Momo.

Mo demo marketing + product depth combined online + offline multiple experiences

线上与线下和物流结合在一起,才会产生新零售。 The combination of online, offline, and logistics in the logistics system will generate new retail. In the clothing industry, new product listing is the key point. The purpose of fast fashion is to quickly respond and update products, and the logistics system is the core. Momo Sample has a set of own logistics supply system, and cooperates with large domestic and foreign logistics agencies to ensure the supply chain channels of goods and lay a solid foundation for new retail.

传统实体依然在采用手工记账或使用简单软件的收银方式,存在诸多弊病。 Traditional entities of the ERP system are still using manual accounting or a simple software for cash collection, which has many drawbacks. "Momo Sample" innovates and develops a professional intelligent clothing ERP marketing integrated intelligent system. Through big data and intelligent analysis, real-time monitoring of inventory, intelligent purchase and sales, new membership marketing!

顺应互联网+时代,“陌小样”早在2015年便提出了“同城O2O”的概念,新零售时代来袭,专注实体运营已经不足以满足更多消费者的需求,线上与线下相结合,营销方式百花齐放,挖掘新顾客、巩固会员顾客,多渠道销售成为终端市场必杀技! The online mall conforms to the Internet + era. As early as 2015, “Momo Sample” proposed the concept of “City O2O”. The new retail era is coming. Focusing on physical operations is no longer enough to meet the needs of more consumers. Combining the following, the marketing methods are flourishing, digging new customers and consolidating member customers. Multi-channel sales have become a nirvana in the terminal market!

"Wine is good but also afraid of alleys." The way of doing business like door-to-door customers has completely bid farewell to this era. How do we go in the future? You need a more professional and dedicated strength brand!

“陌小样”会为经销商进行市场评估调查,从选址、规划到开业,均有专业市场分析人员实时跟进,并免费提供装修图、效果图、电路分布图等。 The market evaluation supports the “momo sample” to conduct market evaluation surveys for dealers. From location selection, planning, and opening, professional market analysts will follow up in real time, and provide decoration drawings, renderings, circuit distribution maps, etc. for free. During the operation period, the terminal stores are regularly patrolled and supervised to solve the problems encountered by the terminal stores in operation, thereby eliminating the worries of dealers and being effectively protected.

控制区域开店、设点数量,政策统一,在商圈范围内确保经销商的垄断地位,避免各经营店之间形成恶性竞争,规范市场环境,使经销商能够健康发展和持续发展。 Regional protection benign development Control the number of regional stores and establishments, and unify policies to ensure the monopoly position of distributors within the business circle, avoid vicious competition between operating stores, regulate the market environment, and enable distributors to develop healthily and sustainably .

产品销量不好,可以自由换货。 Free exchange fast logistics product sales are not good, you can exchange freely. Product sales are good and can be quickly ordered. "MO Mo sample" fast logistics guarantees the progress of return and exchange, and shares the pressure of partners to store goods, without the need for a warehouse, you can easily make money!

“陌小样”广告投放涵盖电视、各地主流报刊杂志、时尚杂志、各大门户网站、时尚购物网站等,巨额的广告投放策略旨在提高“陌小样”的品牌影响号召力,帮助经销商广聚人气,提升销售业绩。 The ad campaign is targeted to accurately target the "momo sample" advertising coverage covering TV, mainstream newspapers and magazines, fashion magazines, major portals, and fashion shopping websites. The huge advertising strategy aims to improve the brand appeal of Momo Sample and help Distributors gather popularity to increase sales performance.

“陌小样”的专业企划,为经销商提供营销方案,并组织实施。 Marketing planning steadily wins the professional plan of "momo sample" in the market , provides marketing solutions for dealers, and organizes implementation. From the design and formulation of various holiday promotion plans, interactive marketing plans, and experiential marketing plans, to the introduction of various implementation rules and the design and production of various event materials, there is a professional team at the headquarters to take care of you. Don't worry about the dealer.

品牌多不胜数、款式与风格各不一样,经销商如何挑选适合当地的货品?“陌小样”组建了专业的配货师团队,能够根据经销商开店商圈的各项需求指标,进行专业的配货建议,市场需要的,自然是畅销的。 Professional distribution is not disadvantageous. There are countless brands and different styles and styles. How do distributors choose local products? Momo Samples has formed a professional team of distributors, which can be based on the various indicators of dealers in the business district , For professional placement recommendations, the market needs, of course, is selling well.

“陌小样”为经销商提供开业指导,实行开业前的店长培训、管理培训、搭配方案培训、促销培训等,提供特色的“陌小样”品牌搭配技术培训,提供具体实践操作指导,销售经验指导,缩短经销商的磨合时间,让经销商实现快速经营、快速获利流程。 Comprehensive training to enhance the ability "Momo sample" to provide dealers with opening instructions, pre-opening store manager training, management training, matching program training, promotion training, etc., to provide unique "mo sample" brand with technical training to provide specific practices Guidance, sales experience guidance, shorten the running-in time of dealers, and enable dealers to achieve rapid operation and quick profit process.

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