TARGUO Cobalt menswear, sincerely recruit excellent national franchisees!

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TARGUO Cobalt menswear, sincerely recruit excellent national franchisees!
cooperation method: Agent, Franchise
Franchise fee: 0 million
Margin: 0 million First stock: 50,000 yuan
Exchange ratio: 100% Validity period: long term effective
Spring and summer prices: 100-200 Autumn and winter prices: 200-500
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A world of rapid economic development, a society of entrepreneurial struggle. Merchants joining has become a hot topic in society, and clothing joining has become the most popular venture project. As a result, a brand new national men's clothing brand was born in the southernmost part of China and developed rapidly. This is our Targuo Cobalt menswear , and it is also an excellent brand under Guangzhou Tabalo International Trade Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou, China's third largest city. As we all know, Guangzhou has a history of more than 2,000 years, and it is a famous historical and cultural city in China. It has a long history of foreign trade ports in China. It is one of the starting points of the Maritime Silk Road. . Relying on Guangzhou's unique conditions, its cobalt apparel has been engaged in the design, production and sales of foreign trade apparel, and has achieved great success.
Along with its understanding of the apparel industry for the apparel industry, the rapid development of Guangzhou's economy and the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs for joining the apparel industry, in 2005, it was also the fastest growing year in Guangzhou. Targuo Cobalt opened a new chapter for the development of national brand men's clothing. This is an innovative, bold and dynamic team with young people. It is a simple, calm and motivated company with entrepreneurs.
With its cobalt clothing handy in the clothing industry, and the industry's strong support. The business, casual, and fashionable clothing advocated by TARGUO is quickly accepted by everyone. Its cobalt men's clothing, a high-quality, high-quality, affordable product, quickly occupied the domestic market. According to official statistics, hundreds of franchise stores have been opened in more than 20 provinces in China, and each franchise store is growing healthy.
Based on the strong development of the terminal, and in order to allow the company to enter a new development course, we have completely positioned the development path of its cobalt menswear. Cobalt is a brand enterprise focusing on fashion, business and casual wear, integrating design, production and sales. Its products are divided into seven categories: shirts, suits, knitwear, coats, pants, sweaters and accessories, covering men. All aspects of social activities, many styles and novel, suitable for the pace of modern life. Because TARGUO's cobalt clothing is designed based on modern suits, many times it can meet the needs of fashion parties, business meetings, and dating dinners with a slight change. This economical, convenient, and fashionable clothing is widely welcomed Customers love it.
In addition to relying on strong terminal strength and excellent cost-effective products, the headquarters also relies on the institutionalization, standardization, informationization, modern enterprise management system and the collaboration of a group of high-quality professionals to improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise. , The company has further implemented six humanized management projects including “talent, management, quality, culture, image, and service”, so that all employees of the company can work actively, autonomously, and efficiently, and can treat each partner and the moment in good faith. Concerned about common development.
TARGUO it cobalt finally became the national men's clothing ***. We are not proud. On the way to joining the men's clothing business, we insist on improving the Chinese people's clothing taste as the corporate mission, and common development with franchisees as the driving force for progress, and carefully and steadily improve each link to achieve perfection.
Brand Origin 1. TARGUO The TAR in cobalt is the title of the emperor of the Númenor Empire in the epic novel "The Elven Diamond" by British writer John Ron Tolkien. Tar has the meaning of noble, royal, mysterious power.
2. TARGUO: GUO in cobalt is used to replace co (cobalt), a more frivolous and random spelling. This represents its cobalt pursuit of calm, wise life. In addition, GUO is the phonetic symbol of "national", highlighting that our cobalt comes from China, and responds to national policies and promotes economic development. We hope to work with our partners to achieve a win-win situation and create a common bright future.
Brand extension In fact, the chemical cobalt was called the "bad spirit" by theologians in ancient Germany, because of its active nature and easy to merge with any substance. Its cobalt word "cobalt" represents the integration of the TARGUO brand and the sense of change of the times. This concept exists in every product, so that clothing can exist in a variety of occasions, so that the wearer can deal with any scene with ease by simply changing the mix.
TARGUO its cobalt "it" uses the animal's third person. The significance is that it appears as a mount code and tells consumers that its cobalt clothing is designed for everyone who has a successful pursuit. We hope to wear it. Those who control "It Cobalt" pursue dreams, ride the waves and create brilliant life.
It Co., Ltd. uses "It Cobalt" as its brand name to convey an active, fashionable, and elegant living state, and to pursue common dreams through teamwork. In the process, it has always been an overlord. Above any flashy.
TARGUO Cobalt is a brand menswear investment project that is free to join. That is to say, we do not charge any franchise fees or agency fees. However, the so-called "zero investment, ***" entrepreneurial project basically does not exist, any entrepreneurial project requires a certain amount of venture capital, free membership does not equal zero-condition admission.
Here according to TARGUO's cobalt menswear franchise policy, and based on the reasons of these policies, that is, to ensure the true and normal operation of the brand franchise store, and to ensure the later development of TARGUO's cobalt menswear franchise store , and sincere cooperation between the two parties. Let us briefly introduce:
Franchise policy 1. The area of the franchise store should be no less than 40 square meters, and the store is too small to open a clothing store.
2. Franchisees have done clothing business. Inexperienced people can apply for supervision and assistance throughout the process.
3. When signing the contract, the customer will come to Targuo to join the headquarters of Cobalt Merchants to understand all aspects of Cobalt Menswear, a good brand to join, and also facilitate the sincere cooperation between the two parties.
4. According to the store size, the first purchase payment is agreed, which is generally not less than 50,000. These will be returned in full during the late purchase.
5. TARGOU provides subsidies for advertising expenses, rent, and storefront decoration at its cobalt headquarters.
Advantages of joining Targuo It is a new trend of fashion, casual and business menswear, which has been well received by official media such as Yangcheng Daily, Southern Satellite TV and Southern Evening News. And ascended the throne of CCTV annual publicity brand. According to statistics, as of December 31, 2012, Targuo's franchise men's clothing stores opened in many provinces across the country, with cumulative sales of tens of millions.
What to do when encountering difficulties in the mall? What to do if you ca n’t talk down the mall? These are not the problems !!! Help you negotiate shopping malls, eliminating all worries.
Its cobalt menswear is facing the tenth anniversary celebration, with major major discounts! "Free from joining fee", "Come to visit the company for reimbursement of air tickets and hotels", "You pay tuition and school management, it will reimburse you." "Gift" "Send decoration drawings" and more !!

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TARGUO its cobalt men's clothing, sincerely recruit excellent national franchisee!

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